Upcoming Camera Auction on November 22, 2014

Highlights of the upcoming auction

The complete and detailed catalogue to this auction will be published 4-5 weeks prior to the auction date on our website and in a printed version.

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Leica IIIf black 'Swedish Army'

Only 100 cameras with special black Elmar 3.5/5cm were manufactured for the Swedish military, they were winterised to enable them to function in Artic conditions. This camera is in very fine, 100% original, never restored condition with matching black Elmar 3.5/5cm no.1427187, cap, black ever-ready case. Military inventory hand engravings on back of top plate and base plate. The IIIf black is not only one of the top collectors items, but also one of the most attractive military Leicas ever!

Year: 1956
Sn. 822957

Estimate: EUR 50,000 - 60,000

Leica MP chrome

original MP in beautiful and perfect working order, clean finder and shutter, with Leicavit MP, matching chassis number inside the camera

Year: 1957
Sn. MP-375

Estimate: EUR 50,000 - 60,000

Leica MP black paint

original and very rare black paint MP with patina of professional use, in perfect working order, matching chassis number inside the camera, with black Leicavit MP

Year: 1957
Sn. MP-24

Estimate: EUR 150,000 - 180,000

Nikon S3-M chrome

18x24mm, for 72 exposures, the most rare of all Nikon rangefinder cameras in fully original condition, motor-coupled base plate, with S-72 motor drive no.94804 (filter, cap, grey battery case), Nikkor-S.C 1.4/5cm no.393748, in total only approx. 50 cameras were manufactured in chrome finish

Year: 1960
Sn. 6600125

Estimate: EUR 50,000 - 60,000

Nikon Stereo-Nikkor 3.5/3.5cm outfit

extremely rare outfit in near mint condition with Stereo-Nikkor 3.5/3.5cm no.242042, prism no.679038 (right prism glass chipped), hood, Nikon stereo finder, original filter and Japanese instruction leaflet, all in it's matching case - a highlight of every Nikon collection!

Year: c.1956
Sn. 242042

Estimate: EUR 35,000 - 40,000

Nikon F NASA Dummy

extremely rare black anodized demonstration camera with special  motor drive, the body engraved 'P/N SEB33100772-  S/N 10, Photomic FTn finder engraved ' P/N SEB33100008-003 S/N 10, back door inside engraved 'P/N SEB33100772-  S/N 10' (not closing properly), with matching black anodized DUMMY Nikkor-S 1.2/55mm no.800014 engraved 'P/N SEB33100009-301 S/N 1014 - see similar cameras illustrated in Uli Koch 'Nikon F - The Camera' on p.109-116

Year: c. 1963
Sn. 10

Estimate: EUR 40,000 - 45,000

Nikon F3 NASA 250 Dummy

very rare demonstration camera with special motor drive engraved 'P/N SED 33101572-301 S/N 10' (the following two digits are blackened) with fixed battery chamber engraved 'P/N SED 33101573-002 S/N 1006', 250 back engraved 'P/N SED 33101575-301 S/N 10' (the following two digits are blackened), non removeable Dummy prism finder (small dents), Nikkor-N 1.4/35mm no.364506 (black anodized by NASA, was an original series production lens)

Year: c. 1985
Sn. 10

Estimate: EUR 20,000 - 25,000

Zunow Zunowflex black paint

Probably one of the last cameras made by Zunow as the company closed by 1960, one of two known in black finish (some parts repainted), the camera was aquired by the previous owner with grey leather covering on it's back door (now all covered with black covering), with very rare black Zunow 2.8/3.5cm no.10072 (UV filter, caps), replica of maker's box

Year: 1960
Sn.: 60001

Estimate: EUR 20,000 - 25,000

Shanghai Red Flag 20 outfit

Chinese M4 copy (less than 200 were produced by direct order of the government, none were sold to the public) in almost mint and perfect working condition, with all three matching lenses: 1.4/50mm (Summilux copy) no.740021 (clean lenses, original metal hood and front cap), 1.4/35mm (Summilux copy) no.75009 (clean lenses, original cap), 2/90mm (Summicron copy) no.750052 (clean lenses, original front cap), extremely rare original black leather Red Flag outfit case with red velvet inlet - all is in perfect near mint condition with import certificates for camera and lenses to France from March 10th, 1977

Year: c. 1973
Sn. 73001

Estimate: EUR 45,000 - 55,000

Bopp Nachtkamera

extremely rare German 35mm camera for 18x24mm exposures, the film runs from spool to spool, the Rüo-Optik Caleinar 1.5/40mm no.21507 in Compur shutter was made in the late 1920's for cine cameras, back door inside engraved '21' body in all-nicke finish, the cameras with lens no. 21505 (only 2 digits before) is illustrated in McKeown on p.147/148

Jahr: ca. 1938
Seriennummer: 21

Schätzpreis: EUR 8.000 - 10.000

Kretzschmar Kinematograph

complete outfit with all 3 original and matching backs A,B,C, both rear doors A + B, accessories for projection, maker's plaque: DEUTSCHE KINEMATOGRAPHEN WERKE G.m.b.H. DRESDEN A.16, original instructions book in German, red maker's box: Kretzschmar Kinematograph,  all in near mint, original and perfect working condition, extremely rare and complete outfit of this early cine camera

Year: c. 1902
Sn. 699

Estimate: EUR 8,000 - 10,000

Star Watch Camera

made by Uyeda Syasinkiten, extremely rare Japanese pocket watch camera with original chain, for circular images of 31mm in diameter on sheetfilm, this well designed copy of the Lancaster watch camera is one of the most rare Japanese cameras, in perfect original condition, engraved 'REGISTERED THE WATCH CAMERA S.C.W 49468' and 'SILVEROID'

Estimate: EUR 15,000 - 20,000