Leica IIIg black 'Swedish Military'

The camera offered is in 100% original never restored and perfect working condition with very nice patina. It comes with the matching Elmar 2.8/5cm lens no.1636636 with cap. Camera and lens were both delivered together to the Swedish Leitz agent Brandt in Stockholm on May 25th, 1960. For the Swedish military Leitz produced 125 units of the IIIg in satin-finish black paint with serial numbers 987901 - 988025 and were additionally engraved with the three 'Crowns of Sweden' on the rear side of the top plate. The Elmar lenses were finished in silver chrome and engraved with the same emblem.

Year: 1960
Serial no. 987953

Startprice: EUR 16,000
Estimates: EUR 30,000 - 35,000

Hektor 2.5/12cm Prototype

Preseries lens of the later 12.5cm Hektor, extremely rare with original hood engraved 'Hektor 12cm, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Germany', caps, clean optics - see: Lager II page 93, Wilhelm Albert 'Geburtstage der Leitz-Foto-Konstruktionen ab 1927', page 162, '10 Jahre Leica Historica Beiträge zur Geschichte der Leica', pages 100-101, VIDOM 96, pages 11-18 - only approx. fourteen Hektor 12cm lenses were produced, the lens with consecutive serial number 753025 was sold at WestLicht auction 26, November 2014

Year: 1949
Serial no. 753024

Startprice: EUR 16,000
Estimates: EUR 30,000 - 35,000

Leica M3 chrome

Extremely early Leica M3 - the serial production started with serial no.700001, one of approximately 100 cameras with double corner on the top plate, in 100% original condition, shutter crate engraved '700045', in perfect working order, with very early screw mount 5cm Summircon f/2 lens no.920879 from the first batch (1953) with bayonet adaptor, in fine condition (cap) and early carrying case, original instructions from 1954 and a red velvet maker's box

Year: 1954
Serial no. 700045

Startprice: EUR 26,000
Estimates: EUR 40,000 - 50,000


Leica M3 black paint

Very early and fully original body in beautiful and 100% original condition from the first official batch (959401-959500) in perfect working order with matching black paint Summilux 1.4/50mm no.1703844 (B/A condition, perfect clean optics, cap), the body with early stap lugs, all-black base plate with black locking bar, god/red inspections card with matching body number, original maker's box with matching serial number!  
This early version of the Leica M3 is finished in satin matte black paint. While the total production of the Leica M3 reached almost a quarter of a million units, only 1,410 cameras were originally prepared in black paint finish. The lacquer was by far not as resistant as chrome plating. Thus well-preserved examples in fine original condition are very difficult to find, with a matching Summilux and the original maker's box almost impossible!

Year: 1959
Serial no. 959474

Startprice: EUR 14,000
Estimates: EUR 25,000 - 30,000

Leica M4 olive

One of the rarest M cameras in mint and perfect working order! Only thirty M4 cameras were finished in olive green for the German Bundeswehr (numbers 1266101-1266131), this camera is without the 'Bundeswehr' engraving on rear of top plate. According to Ottmar Michaely in Wetzlar all outer and inner parts are original, also paint, engravings and leather covering. We suppose that the camera was never supplied to the German Bundeswehr.

Year: 1970
Serial no. 1266126

Startprice: EUR 20,000
Estimates: EUR 40,000 - 50,000

Noctilux 1.2/50mm

Almost new Noctilux 1.2 with clean lenses and perfect aperture blades, smooth focusing, front cap, plastic keeper, metal hood 12503, original maker's box with matching serial number

Year: 1968
Serial no. 2254424

Startprice: EUR 8,000
Estimates: EUR 15,000 - 18,000

Leica 60 unique 'Stainless Steel' outfit

Unique set of a pre-series Leica 60 no. P01/24 with three stainless steel Summilux lenses. Summilux 1.4/50mm no.01/24, Summilux 1.4/28mm no.01/24, Summilux 1.4/35mm no.01/24 - with all accessories (hoods, caps, special grey leather case with strap, loading cable, accu etc.) and all papers, guarantee cards, certificate of authenticity signed by Leica CEO Alfred Schopf certifying this set is a unique item. All in fitted RIMOWA suit case, with Leica 100 outer box

Year: 2014
Serial no. 001

Startprice: EUR 35,000
Estimates: EUR 60,000 - 70,000

Nikon S 'Ansel Adams'

Historic outfit originally owned and used by Ansel Adams with documentation. The documented history of the camera starts on August, 10th 1960 with the copy of an invoice to Anselm Adams from Alolph Gasser, Camera Supplies in San Francisco for the repair of his Nikon S and the purchase of a 135mm Nikon lens. On August 11th, 1960 Adams sold the camera no.6094433 with the 50mm Nikkor no.316874 to Richard Leonhard, his long time attorny for USD 130.00 together with a Contaflex IV outfit (copy of the letter and invoice included, also the letter from 'Dick' Leonard to Adams 'Dear Ansel : It was so good to see you this afternoon. I do appreciate your quick action on the Nikon camera and lens....'. In 1987 thr camera was owned by Mr. Richard Leon who asked in April 1987 Doris F. Leonard for informations about the 'Adams' Nikon. The original attached letter from May 21st, 1987 by Mrs. Leonard saying '...We have been close friends of Ansel and Virginia for 50 years .... In 1960 .... Ansel had just completed his superb book on 'The Islands of Hawaii'...and the photography for 'Fiat Lux' .... Ansel used the Contaflex and the Nikon for photographs for both books'.  In 1987 Richard Leon sold the Nikon S together with a Nikon reflex housing to Bill Fraker Jr. for USD 2350 (original invoice attached). The outfit includes the early Nikon S no.6094433 with Nikkor-S.C 1.4/5cm no.316874, cap, everready case, origiginal instructions - all in fine and perfect working order.

Year: 1953
Serial no. 6094433

Startprice: EUR 4,000
Estimates: EUR 7,000 - 9,000

Nikon SP black Motordrive outfit

Very nice outfit in fully original and perfect working condition, black body with titanium shutter, black motor drive no.94147, Nikkor-H 2/5cm no.760231, battery pack with cables, many accessories

Year: 1959
Serial no. 6215330

Startprice: EUR 7,000
Estimates: EUR 12,000 - 14,000

Nikon S3M black Half-Frame

Very early black camera (production started with number 6600001) for 18x24mm half-frame exposures, film counter to 72. It is the rarest, most unique and collectable of all Nikon cameras. The body is in fine condition, clean finder with visable framelines, perfect shutter, calibrated in feet (some repaint on rear ot top plate), with black W-Nikkor.C 2.5/3.5cm no.256333 (cond.A-, cap), with black S36 Motor Drive no. 94145 and very rare small brown leather battery pack

Year: 1960
Serial no. 6600006

Startprice: EUR 26,000
Estimates: EUR 40,000 - 50,000

Stereo-NIKKOR 3.5/3.5cm outfit

Extremely rare complete outfit with Stereo-Nikkor 3.5/3.5cm no.241942, cap, prism no.679156, hood, filter, in case, Nikon stereo finder, special Nikon metal film spool, fitted leather case stamped 'NIKON STEREO EQUIPMENT NIKON KOGAKU TOKYO', with the original inspection card and the extremely rare grey metal stereo viewer no.12748 in grey maker's box - all in perfect mint condition - the highlight of every Nikon collection - provenience: Private Japanese Collection

Year: c. 1956
Serial no. 241942

Startprice: EUR 30,000
Estimates: EUR 50,000 - 60,000

Nikon (Fisheye) Nikkor 5.6/6.2mm SAP

This is the most rare Nikon lens in existence, the first of only 3 lenses produced in almost new condition with caps and leather case. The lens covers a picture angle of 230°, the front surface was aspherized. Lens no. 1015 (engraving is different to no. 1014) was sold years ago for over 40000 Euro at a camera show in Tokyo - this is probably the unique chance to buy such lens, it comes with a copy of the technical description for this lens by Masaki Isshiki (Nikon)

Year: c. 1964
Serial no.: 1014

Startprice: EUR 20,000
Estimates: EUR 35,000 - 45,000

Voigtländer Bessa II Apo-Lanthar

Very rare and sought-after Bessa II with Apo-Lanthar 4.5/105mm no.3645412 (clean lenses), in good working Synchro-Compur shutter, camera in fine and perfect working condition, with mask for 4.5x6cm, hood, Kontur finder, everready case, instructions

Year: c. 1954
Serial no.

Startprice: EUR 2,400
Estimates: EUR 4,000 - 5,000

Voigtländer Vito III Prototype

The very first Vito III prototype PR 2057 with coupled rangefinder, fixed Ultron 1.9/5cm in Compur-Rapid shutter to 1/500 sec., black leather covering stamped 'Voigtländer' on the rear, the camera is illustrated in: 'Voigtländer Report 1' by Claus Prochnov on page 43 and 'Classic Camera 59 pages 3-7, a later prototype also with a 1.9 Ultron was sold in WestLicht auction May 2006

Year: c. 1949

Startprice: EUR 3,000
Estimates: EUR 6,000 - 8,000

Horizon 6x12cm Prototype

Prototype camera for panoramic photography made by KMZ, Moscow. The camera is a research model for roll film 120, using parts of the 24x58mm Horizon. The camera is big and heavy (160 x 112 x 80/120 mm, 1.320 grs), its brown anodized body structure was turned from solid aluminum, the wing-like back doors are aluminum sheet metal and chrome plated brass. Negative format is 55x130mm. Single speed shutter. Fixed focus Contessa-Nettel Doppel-Anastigmat Teronar 5.4/7.5cm no.396880, the diaphragm is adjusted by turning the inner ring of the rotating dial next to the finder. The detachable finder with built-in level is a modified series model from the original Horizon, with a taller finder base and a sliding shoe added to it. Film transport and shutter tensioning by turning the wheel next to the release, watching the numbers behind the red window in the camera back (no frame counter). The mechanism of the rotating drum runs, but is a little sticky.
The camera is a well made prototype that must have been made well before the later 6x13 model 205PC.

Year: c. 1980
Serial no. 3

Startprice: EUR 14,000
Estimates: EUR 24,000 - 28,000

Tourtin, Paris L'Orthoscope

This extremely rare camera was the first French reflex camera, for plates 9x12cm, Darlot Planigraphe lens no.13115, luxus model in vanished mahogany, red leather hood, brass engraved lens cap, inside stamped with serial number '4', in fantastic original condition, less than 5 of these beautifully designed cameras are known to exist

Year: 1885
Serial no. 4

Startprice: EUR 6,000
Estimates: EUR 10,000 - 12,000

Goldmann Universal Stereo Camera

Very rare, advanced stereo camera for 9x18cm exposures in exceptional, beautiful condition, ebonized wooden body with complete brass fittings, original bellows, working guillotine shutter, with dual Carl Zeiss Jena Anastigmat 7.2/120mm lenses no.8522 and 8523 (both with mounting ring with matching serial numbers), with original ground glass, a similar camera for normal exposures is available in lot XXX

Year: c. 1890
Serial no. 5659

Startprice: EUR 2,000
Estimates: EUR 4,000 - 5,000

Geymet & Alker Jumelle de Nicour

Very early classic and extremely rare binocular-styled camera with cylindrical magazine for 50 dry collodion plates 40x40mm, the camera is in beautiful and original condition - less than 10 are known to exist

Year: 1866
Serial no. 25

Startprice: EUR 28,000
Estimates: EUR 45,000 - 55,000

Hugo Meyer f. Contax Primoplan 1.9/5cm

Recently discovered and possibly unique (prototype ?) fast standard Meyer lens in original Contax mount, Hartmuth Thiele (Kleines Fabrikationsbuch Meyer-Optik) lists only exactly this serial number as the only Primoplan for Contax. The lens is in fine condition with clean optics and comes with Contax II body no.G6262 in working order

Year: 1934
Serial no. 691000

Startprice: EUR 4,000
Estimates: EUR 8,000 - 10,000

Zoomar München Zoomatar 1.3/180mm

One of the fastest and most rare tele lenses for 35mm cameras ever built, with ALPA mount, in good condition, clean optics, no scratches, front cap, original metal case - the lens was produced in very limited numbers, it would fit on movie cameras and most 35 SLRs with the right adapter. This six element lens weight is 15 lbs, with a close focus distance of 5 meter, minimum f/stop f/22. Large tripod mount and folding focusing handle

Year: c. 1972
Serial no. 284-0020

Startprice: EUR 4,000
Estimates: EUR 8,000 - 10,000

Compendica Vaduz Liechtenstein 88/16A

Probably unique and the only camera ever made in Liechtenstein, for still and motion pictures, for 10x15mm on double 8mm film or 12x18mm exposures on 16mm film, provision for built-in microphone, so the photographer could comment his shots - an idea that came to life around 40 years later in professional press cameras, cast aluminium body in crinkle finish, serial number engraved inside, with Compendica La 2.9/25mm lens ('Lens made in Germany' printed on the side), build-in selenium meter, spring-driven film transport, ex Christies Lot from the auction 'Spy, Subminiature and Detective Cameras' 9 December 1991, exactly this camera is described in Michael Pritchard's "Spy Camera" on page 88 and 89

Year: c. 1960
Serial no. 00504

Startprice: EUR 800
Estimates: EUR 1,600 - 1,800

Carlo Ponti Luxus Megalethoscope

Exceptional Megalethoscope in fantastic condition with portraits sculpted in relief on three doors, on top is Galileo, on the right when looking at the front is Alessandro Volta, and on the left is the philosopher Pico della Mirandola.
The viewer is based on the principle of Daguerre's Diorama and Polyrama Panoptiques. and rotates on its base for viewing in portrait or landscape formats. The Megalethoscope is placed on a table facing a strong light-source, a photographic view is inserted, then by opening and closing the doors, an impressive day/night effect is obtained. With 6 interesting plates.
Thanks to Laura Minici Zotti du Museo del PRECINEMA, PADUA Palazzo Angeli Prato della Valle 1/A

Year: c. 1865

Startprice: EUR 15,000
Estimates: EUR 25,000 - 30,000