Highlights of the upcoming Camera Auction

The complete and detailed catalogue to this auction will be published 3-4 weeks prior to the auction date on our website and in a printed version.

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Leica I Mod.A Elmax

Year: 1925, Sn. 955

Rare first model Leica with Elmax lens in fully original condition

Startprice: EUR 6,000

Leica 250 FF

Year: 1935, Sn. 150049

Leica Reporter for 250 exposures, rare first FF version in fully original condition, with two lenses all used by the German Air Force

Starting price: EUR 6,000

IIIf black 'Swedish Army' + MOOLY-C

Year: 1956, Sn. 822934

Only 100 cameras with special black Elmar 3.5/5cm were manufactured for the Swedish military with black MOOLY-C no.5571. The IIIf black is not only one of the top collectors items, but also one of the most attractive military Leica cameras ever

Starting price: EUR 25,000

Leica 72 18x24mm Wetzlar

Year: 1956, Sn. 357182

The only half-frame Leica model to go into serial production is the Leica 72. It takes 72 instead of 36 exposures, a very small run of Leica 72 cameras was produced in Wetzlar, this is the last camera produced in Germany in 1970

Starting price: EUR 16,000

M3 chrome No.700004

Year: 1954, Sn. 700004

The fourth production Leica M camera and the second earliest M3 camera we known to exist in 100% original condition ! The camera no.700004 has never been restored, has all the early features and is in perfect working  - a sensational discovery of Leica history, it was delivered on March, 24th, 1954 to New York and the first M camera to be exported.

Starting price: EUR 30,000

M3 black paint

Year: 1963, Sn. 1078701

First owners black paint M3 outfit in beautiful, original condition,  with black paint Summicron 2/50mm no.1954531, caps, instructions, original receipts for the lens and camera from 1964, checking card with matching serial number and original maker's box - a beautiful and extremely rare set !

Starting price: EUR 10,000

M2 black paint Button Rewind

Year: 1958, Sn. 948635

Rare camera from the very first batch of 500 black-paint M2 cameras with button rewind unlock in beautiful original condition with a very rare black 8-element 35mm Summicron lens

Starting price: EUR 12,000

Leica M3D

Year: 1955/2016, Sn. M3D-100

Unique camera - a Homage to the 100th Birthday of David Douglas Duncan (who celebrated his birthday in January this year) and the famous M3D cameras built in 1955. It is the original copy of the Leica M3D-2 sold in our 22nd auction for the world record price of 1.680.000 Euro. It is a historical assembly, produced from the last surviving set of original MP spare parts from 1956 with black paint Summilux 1.4/50mm and focusing lever. The camera represents a masterpiece of Leica in completely new and perfect working condition.  The M3D was the forerunner of all MP cameras specially designed and built by Leitz for the American photographer David Douglas Duncan. Only 4 of these cameras (M3D-1 to M3D-4) were produced and used for many years by Duncan.  Life photographer Duncan (born January 23rd, 1916) is among the most influential photographers of the 20th century. He is best known for his dramatic combat photographs of Korean and Vietnam War and his work with his close friend Pablo Picasso.

Starting price: EUR 30,000

Kodak/Nagel Retina Prototype 18x24

Year: 1947

The prototype of all Kodak Retina cameras designed by Dr. August Nagel in 1934, small 35mm compact RF camera in Art Deco style for 75 18x24mm half frame images. A Milestone of camera history

Starting price: EUR 6,000

Voigtländer Vito III Prototype with Ultron 1.9/5cm

Year: 1950

The last of three Vito III prototype cameras with Ultron 1.9/5cm, blue leather covering stamped 'Voigtländer' on the rear, the camera is illustrated in 'Voigtländer Report 1' by Claus Prochnov on page 43

Starting price: EUR 4,000

Leningrad Space Camera FAS-1

Year: 1967

A camera was manufactured for the Soviet Lunar Space Program with only very few known to exist

Starting price: EUR 12,000

Simons Sico outfit boxed

Year: c. 1923, Sn. 253

Swiss wooden camera (Leica forerunner) for 25 30x40mm exposures on un-perforated 35mm film, extremely rare with original black SICO projector and all accessories in the SICO outfit card box

Starting price EUR 6,000

Candid Camera Perfex 35mm Prototype

Year: 1940

Unknown prototype of a 35mm RF camera 24x36mm with interchangeable lens, the prototype of a advanced professional „Perfex“ camera made by Candid Camera/Chicago, IL, around 1940, which never went in production. The recently discovered camera is in very good and working condition. No other example is known to us

Startprice: EUR 6,000

Zunow Optical Industy Zunow

Year: 1959, Sn. 1959576

extremely rare Japanese SLR camera in almost new and perfect working condition, last version with single stroke and Zunow 1.8/5cm lens

Starting price: EUR 9,000

Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor 5,6/6mm 220°

Year: 1970, Sn. 656014

very rare  lens, from the first batch of approx. 50 lenses only engraved  'Nippon Kogaku Tokyo', 220° lens with built-in filter revolver, in mint condition, perfect lenses, both original caps, with the matching finder no.390215 engraved 'F Nikkor Japan' with cap

Startprice: EUR 8,000

Reflex-Nikkor-C 11/2000mm

Year: 1977, Sn. 200512

Very rare 2000mm Nikkor lens, the largest ever built Nikkor for 35mm, the lens (total weight 25kg) was shown at Photokina 1970 for the first time

Starting price EUR 8,000

Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 1.9/8.5cm

Year: 1938, Sn. 2370028

One of only two produced lenses (nos.2370027/28) for Kine Exakta, in heavy chrome mount and beautiful condition, fantastic discovery of a lens which was never on the market before

Startprice: EUR 4,000

Lehmann Ben Akiba Walking Stick Camera

Year: c. 1903, Sn. 384

Extremely rare 'spy' camera in perfect original condition, nickel plated brass body with matching lens. Emil Kronke patented his cane handle camera in Britain (1902), Germany (1903) and the United States (1904). It was manufactured by A. Lehmann of Berlin and marketed as the Ben Akiba walking stick camera, fakes and replicas of such cameras do exist. This camera is in very fine 100% original and authentic condition, with film spools and the original cane!

Starting price: EUR 9,000

Doryu 1 Prototype Pistol Camera

Year: 1952, Sn. 1036

The only known example of the Doryu 1 camera (known as well as Doryu 1-9.5), completed at prototype-level by the Doryu Company in 1952. Because of durability problems of the Bakelite body and small availability of the 9,5mm film in Japan, the camera never went in production and was replaced in the same year for the Doryu 2-16 used by Japanese Police

Starting price: EUR 45,000

Hasselblad MK70 'Yellow Leatherette'

Year: c. 1990, Sn. 61029

Very rare special motorized metric camera 1432, the civilian version of the Apollo Lunar Surface Camera, with yellow leatherette and Reseau plate, all-black and rare MK Biogon 5.6/60mm - the camera was used by Canadian authorities for aerial photography

Starting price: EUR 3,000

E. Lorenz Berlin Clarissa Luxus Nacht-Kamera

Year: 1929

4,5x6cm tropical camera with original brown leather covering, brass fittings, focal plane shutter with fast 2/9cm Plasmat lens, only three of this Luxus  Ermanox copy are known to exist

Starting price: EUR 12,000

Bentzin Record-Primar 6x9cm

Year: c. 1929, Sn. 21122

'Night' Primar camera in fantastic near mint original condition with fast Hugo Meyer Plasmat 1.5/9cm lenses, only two cameras are known to exist

Starting price EUR 9,000

Ihagee Night Reflex (2500)

Year: c. 1930, Sn. 277790

4.5x6 TLR camera with fast Hugo Mayer Plasmat 1.5/9cm lens, one of two cameras known to exist

Starting price EUR 8,000

Sigriste Stereo

Year: c. 1899, Sn. 4-32

6x13cm, very rare Jumelle styled stereo camera with a with focal plane shutter to 1/2000s, in fantastic and fully original condition

Starting price EUR 9,000

Debrie Super Parvo Reflex „Sissi“

Year: c. 1952, Sn. 6316

French 35mm studio movie camera from the estate of the late Austrian film producer Kurt Miksch. With this camera two sequels of the world famous “Sissi” trilogy have been shot: „Sissi“ (1955) and "Sissi – The young Empress" (1956) – both starring young Romy Schneider. The camera is in excellent original condition and comes with lens, hydraulic dolly labelled “Otopront” with Sachtler Hydro 300 head, a wooden container for the camera, 14 pcs 1000 feet film reels in 3 wooden boxes

Startprice: EUR 5,000