Bids in Writing

If you choose to send us your bid in writing, please download our purchase agreement form as a PDF file and send it completed to us by fax or postal mail:

Generally speaking the same regulations apply to bidding in writing as to online bidding. Written bids must also arrive at our office more than 24 hours in advance of the auction. Leitz Photographica Auction will then bid for the item indicated on your behalf.

Your written bid will be taken as the maximum amount you are prepared to pay for a lot. If there are no other offers received, you will get the lot at the start price. If there is another bid lower than yours, then your offer will be ranked first and accepted at 10% more than the lowest bid. Bids lower than the starting price will not be accepted.

In addition to the hammer price there are commission charges of 20%. Taxes can apply according to our conditions of sale.

Please read our conditions of sale again before you place a bid. It goes without saying that your bids and personal data will be treated by Leitz Photographica Auction as strictly confidential.

If you have any further questions relating to this theme please contact:

Leitz Photographica Auction
Westbahnstrasse 40
1070 Vienna / AUSTRIA
Phone +43 1 523 56 59
Fax +43 1 523 56 59 88