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We thank our vendors and buyers for the participation at the sucessful 33rd Camera- Auction!

The Photographica Auction Team

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Offering items for our auctions

We are happy about every interesting collector`s piece and are always interested in gathering new items for our auction.
For our upcoming auction in June 2019 we will accept your items until end of March 2019.
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Some highlights of our latest camera auction

Leica M2 black paint 'Sean Flynn' 

Original black paint Leica M2 owned and used by famous US press photographer Sean Flynn, son of actor Errol Flynn and known for his striking coverage of Vietnam War. On April 6th, 1970, Flynn with his fellow photojournalist Dana Stone chose to travel on motorcycles into the communist-held part of Cambodia, they were captured by Viet Cong forces, never to be seen again.

Flynn's camera shows significant signs of wear due to the years of professional use in extreme conditions, still it is in perfect working order, attached to the camera is a short strap made from a parachute cord, with steel ring from a hand grenade. Included with this lot are 34 modern prints from Flynn's Vietnam coverage.

Start price:  € 30.000


Leica M-P black paint 'Gérard Bois'

Original black paint MP delivered to New York in 1957, owned and used by French Photographer Gérard Bois (Gérard-Aimé), known for his press coverage of the volatile period of civil unrest in France 1968, with rare black paint Summicron 2/5cm no.1468967. Only 141 black paint MP cameras have been made, most of them have been sold to professional photographers - it is one of the most iconic Leica cameras.

Start price:  € 80.000


Kodak Ektra II prototype

This is the first time a Kodak Ektra II is offered for sale in a public auction.
It is a unique opportunity for every camera collector.
The planned Ektra II never went into a production – only few prototype examples have been made and only three cameras are known to exist - serial numbers 7020, 7021 and here 7032 are recorded so far.

Start price: € 20.000