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Results of the 27th Camera-Auction on June 13th, 2015

Lots 146 and 146,1: Leica M and ME for a good cause

The 27th WestLicht Camera Auction closed on Saturday with outstanding results throughout, with the better part of the lots multiplying their starting prices.

With 288,000 Euros (starting price 150,000 Euros) the rare New York Leica Gun RIFLE Prototype achieved the highest price of the 27th WestLicht Camera Auction.
A Leica MP black paint with a starting price of 140,000 Euros was worth 264,000 Euros to a collector and finished second. To 192,000 Euros including premium climbed a Leica M3 Prototype from 1953 (starting price 80,000 Euros). With 180,000 Euros a fourth camera, a Leica M6 Electronic Prototype, which started at 90,000 Euros, finished way above the threshold of 100,000 Euros.

The most expensive lens was also the fastest telephoto lens ever built by Leica for the US Navy: the Elcan 1:0/90mm. Having started at 38,000 Euros it was sold in the end for 84,000 Euros.

Tremendous joy for non-profit organization “Kinderlachen”: A Leica M and a Leica ME, in a cheerful design done by children, both fetched 28,800 Euros – the proceeds will go to charitable projects of the organization.

All listed prices are hammer prices including premium.

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Results of the 12th Photo-Auction on June 12th, 2015

Los 142 - Valie Export (1940*) 'Aktionshose: Genitalpanik'

For the feminist icon - VALIE EXPORT’s Genital Panic - a record price of 54,000 Euros could be achieved. The cover image of the 12th WestLicht Photo-Auction’s catalogue went to a private collector for three times the starting bid: a superb result for an artwork from Austrian post-war avant-garde.

The erotic photographs of Alfons Walde were also among the highlights and reached prices up to 11,400 Euros.

A photograph of Marilyn Monroe with a starting price of 800 Euros was worth 14,400 Euros to one of her admirers. Audrey Hepburn was no less enchanting for 1963’s Hollywood. The photograph by Philippe Halsman which shows her alongside Cary Grant caused an exciting bidding war and climbed from 6,000 Euros to a final bid of 11,400 Euros.
Irving Penn’s contact sheets from the series “Woman in Chicken Hat” started at 6,000 Euros and achieved 31,200 Euros including premium.
“Derrière la Gare Saint-Lazare”, Henri Cartier-Bresson’s all-time classic went for the exact same sum of 31,200 Euros, which was the highest price ever achieved for a print of the grandmaster of reportage photography in an auction in Austria.

The top lot in the section of Russian photographs was a picture of Lenin giving a political speech in 1918 Moscow, which climbed from 1,400 Euros to a fantastic 19,200 Euros.

All listed prices are hammer prices including premium.

>>   Online-catalogue with results

>> you can download the results here