World records at WestLicht Anniversary Auctions

384,000 Euro for the earliest Nikon camera

A Nikon One climbed from 90,000 to 384,000 Euro, the highest price ever paid for a camera from the long-standing Japanese manufacturer at an auction. The world record was achieved at the 30th Camera Auction in WestLicht’s 15th year. The record lot is the earliest known surviving example of a Nikon camera in the world, manufactured in April 1948 as the third ever serially produced camera by Nikon. This was also an early birthday present for Nikon company, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2017.

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Naturally, numerous lots from manufacturer Leitz/Leica finished at top prices: For a Leica M3 black paint no. 915252 “Herbert List” from 1958, which had started at 24,000 Euro, the hammer fell at 78,000 Euro. Over the years, the famous German Magnum photographer had used this camera on various commissions for magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Life.

Among the most sought-after rarities were two previously unknown Leica Gun Rifle cameras, which were manufactured by E. Leitz New York and presented to the public in July 1938. The RITOO Rifle with 20 cm Telyt lense started at 80,000 Euro, the second version of the RITEL with 40 cm Telyt at 90,000 Euro. After exciting bidding wars both lots rose to 168,000 Euro each.

A rare Lumière Cinématographe was the absolute highlight among the items from the early days of the medium. The first film camera, which also works as a projector, was sold for 90,000 Euro (starting price: 40,000 Euro).


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