WestLicht. Schauplatz für Fotografie

WestLicht is more than just a museum. It’s an exhibition venue for photography and photographic art, a camera museum, a photographs collection, an auction house, a technical library and an art-café. This symbiotic relationship between art and technology embedded in the quiet of a shadowy backyard made this place become special and unique within the Viennese art scene.

WestLicht was launched in 2001, designed to be a platform for photography. The museum was founded on the initiative of a group of aficionados and collectors around mastermind Peter Coeln. Since then the privatly run museum has been hosting more than 90 exhibitions. The carefully selected shows gave arresting and senstitive insights into the most varied genres of photography. What makes WestLicht stand out even more is the permanent exhibition of both historic and technically significant cameras – it is one oft he most impressive and astounding collections ever assembled. Currently the museum has 500 members; since its foundation more than 290.000 visitors have been delving into the constantly changing pictoral worlds. Thus WestLicht hast established itself as a significant part of the Austrian cultural landscape.