Leica I Mod.A Elmax

Early first type 'Elmax' (technically similar to Anastigmat Leica) in perfect working and absolutely original condition. With all the early features of the first Leica cameras (six speed shutter, frame counter engraved 0-40, mushroom release, low profile winding knobs, coarse grained vulcanite, ratcheted film transport action, five element Elmax lens with datum line, first version base plate and finder - this is one of the rarest Leica cameras in original condition as most were later upgraded by Leitz when serviced. With rare unmarked front cap and the first everready case ESNEL without set screw

Jahr: 1925, No. 451

Startpreis: EUR 15.000

IIIc K Grey W.H. 'Rundbild' outfit

Extremely rare outfit including a very clean military IIIc K engraved W.H. camera with grey leather covering (original Wehrmacht-Heer camera, delivered on December 5th, 1944 to Bln. 9777), very rare grey painted Hektor 4.5/13.5cm no.575601 (delivered on January 6th, 1945 to Bln. 13099), Elmar 3.5/5cm no.591224 engraved W.H. (this is the matching lens for the camera, delivered on the same day with the same delivery number), grey W.H.VIOOH finder (to be used reversed for 13.5cm), grey painted camera-lens support cradle, green painted panoramic head marked 'beh 8594' and green painted tripod marked 'E.LEITZ WETZLAR' - all in fine original condition

Jahr: 1944, No. 391614K

Startpreis: EUR 40.000

Leica MP chrome

Fully original chrome MP, chassis engraved with matching number “P-292”, with 3 notches on filmstage, in perfect working condition with clean finder, chrome Leicavit MP in original condition. It is very hard to find an original Leica MP with all early features, e.g. body without self-timer and with early version of lugs, matching back door

Jahr: 1958, No. MP-292

Startpreis: EUR 18.000

Leica M3 black paint

Very important camera from the first official batch in 1959, the first camera of this batch was no. 959401, so the offered camera is one of the most early known to exist. The body is in very fine and 100% original condition with all early features as early strap lugs, all-black base plate. It was never restored or re-painted and is in perfect working order with clean finder, it comes with the rare all-black body cap.

Jahr: 1959, No. 959440

Startpreis: EUR 18.000

Leica M3 olive Bundeseigentum outfit

Stunning outfit including early single stroke body in fantastic original condition (clean finder and perfect shutter, CLE by Ottmar Michaely), engraved 'Bundeseigentum 12-121-5418' on rear of top plate, Elmar 2.8/5cm no.1600826 (A/B cond., cap, ITOOY hood engraved Bundeseigentum 12-121-5634), M3 Summaron no.2050519 engraved with Bundeswehr identification number '6760-12-130-0901 (near mint condition, perfect optics, cap, special olive green leather case stamped 14564 M), Elmar 4/135mm no.1825774 with olive green leather covering engraved 'Bundeseigentum 12-133-4870 (B+ cond., with both caps, with olive green leather case stamped '14562 K'), Leica-Meter MC no.74185 engraved 'Bundeswehr' with green leather case stamped 'Bundeseigentum 12-121-5710' and booster with green leather case  -  green leather outfit case stamped 'Bundeseigentum'

Jahr: 1959, No. 927744

Startpreis: EUR 18.000

Summarex 1.5/8.5cm black paint

Original black paint Summarex in very fine condition with clean optics, barrel engraved  'Paul C. Snyder', complete with both caps (aluminium front cap), original black hood engraved 'Summarex 8,5 cm Ernst Leitz Wetzlar', very rare red maker’s box marked 'Leitz Objektiv 8,5cm 1:1,5 Soocx', only 276 black Summarex lenses were produced, only few wartime lenses survived.

Year:1953, No. 593109

Starting Price: EUR 5.000

Elcan 2/1 3/8 Inch (35mm) Prototype

One of maybe two existing prototype lenses for Leica M in perfect condition with clean lenses

Jahr: ca. 1960, No. 1745233

Startpreis: EUR 20.000

Zeiss Ikon Contax II Black Paint

Original and unique Contax II in black paint finish, with uncommon version of a collapsible Carl Zeiss Sonnar 2/5cm T no.2709698 with dark burnished brass tube. Shutter, viewfinder and rangefinder are fully functional, the black paint is original, but partly worn. it is a straight Dresden Contax in all respects, made during the war, well ahead of the (postwar) Jena model. All mechanical and optical parts are of Dresden manufacture, not a single part is of Jena (or even Kiew) origin.  The painted parts of this camera have never been chrome plated - they were only planned to be, as a faint copper plating of the shutter speed ring and the winding knob suggest (the brass sheet metal parts are just painted raw brass). It also shows that the individual parts were black painted before they were screwed or riveted together and not after the assembly. Until now only a few black Contax II were discovered and all are postwar Jena Contax cameras made shortly after the war to test the acceptance of this finish. This camera is the only genuine black paint Dresden camera known to exist.  Expertise by Dr. Milos Mladek, Vienna

Jahr: ca. 1936, No. B 61851

Startpreis: EUR 12.000

Nikon I

Very early Nikon I in original condition and good working order with original shutter blinds, version with 2 film guide rails, fixed spool, uncovered base, matching serial number in back door and number „3“ engraved inside (a chassis number which was used to complete the camera from it’s single parts), base plate engraved "MADE IN OCCUPIED JAPAN", with matching Tokyo Nikkor-H.C 2/5cm no.708363, UV filter, cap, black painted hood, original Nikon film spool, fully original yellow/white Nikon I instruction manual, blue velvet maker’s box

Jahr: 1948, No. 60998

Startpreis: EUR 26.000

Nikon S3-M chrome

18x24mm, for 72 exposures, the most rare of all Nikon rangefinder cameras in fully original, perfect working and near mint condition, motor-coupled base plate, with S-72 motor drive no.95128 (counter to 72 exposures) and matching small brown battery pack, Nikkor-S.C 1.4/5cm no.389940, NKJ Voltmeter -  in total only approx. 50 cameras were manufactured in chrome finish, Rotoloni has only 27 cameras in his database - very few exist with the matching motor drive

Jahr: 1960, No. 6600179

Startpreis: EUR 18.000

Nikon S3-M black + S-72 Motor Drive black

18x24mm, for 72 exposures, the most rare of all Nikon rangefinder cameras in fully original, perfect working and near mint condition, motor-coupled base plate, with unique black S-72 motor drive no.94885 (counter to 72 exposures) and large green battery pack, Nikkor-S 1.4/5cm no.413204

Jahr: 1960, No. 6600192

Startpreis: EUR 40.000

Nikon F black '6400656'

The most early black paint Nikon F with eyelevel finder known to exist in absolutely original and perfect working condition with all early features. The camera comes with the matching 'tick mark' typ 1 Nikkor-S 2/5cm no.520544, matching hood and cap. Uli Koch (Nikon F The Camera) lists body no.6400676 as the most early known camera - very important camera for sale in Nikon's 100th Anniversary!

Jahr: 1959, No. 6400656

Startpreis: EUR 12.000

Nikon 5.6/13mm Nikkor

AI-s, in like new condition with perfect optics, complete with caps, case, CA-2 Filter Wallet with all filters, instructions, guarantee card, maker's box with matching number. 
The Nikon 13mm is the world's widest non-distorting professional SLR lens ever made, by anyone, in any format. It allows us to get closer to our subjects, stretch distances and create images from perspectives otherwise unimaginable. Only about 350 were made in 22 years (1976-1998), and only to special order. The lens is almost never seen on the market, in this condition nearly impossible to find. It is also the first of these lenses sold by WestLicht Auctions.

Jahr: ca. 1990, No. 176081

Startpreis: EUR 15.000

Olympus Standard Prototype

Sensational discovery of the first Olympus camera: Only 10 of these Prototypes were made (nos.101-110), only three are known to exist (nos.102, 107, 110). Exactly this camera no.107 was used to advertise the new Olympus product in Asahi Camera magazine from November 1937. It comes with the matching interchangeable  Takatiho Tokyo 3.5/65mm no.1304.

The Olympus Standard (オリンパス・スタンダード) is a rangefinder camera, made in 1937 by Takachiho (predecessor of Olympus) at prototype level. It takes 4×5cm pictures on 127 film. It has a coupled rangefinder combined with the viewfinder, and a focal plane shutter with T, B, 20–500 speeds.

The Olympus Standard has an interchangeable lens, screwed to the front of the focusing helical. The helical itself is attached to the body and does not come off, the same as on the Contax. It is driven by a tab and has an infinity lock. Quite unusually, the distance scale is fixed and the depth-of-field indications are on the rotating part. No other lens mount is visible, and it is unclear how the tele and wide angle lenses would have been focused or coupled to the rangefinder.

The standard lens is a Zuiko 65mm f/3.5, with an all chrome finish. It is collapsible, with an internal three-lug bayonet to maintain the extended position. The aperture ring is on the front and the aperture scale goes from 3.5 to 22. The lens bezel is black, with the following marking in white: Takatiho Tokyo No.1304 Zuiko 1:3.5 f=65mm.

Jahr: 1937, No. 107

Startpreis: EUR 18.000

Voigtländer Vitessa Flex Prototype

Unique prototype designed by Mr. Behr in 1957, it is the only working example of a Vitessa Reflex camera, illustrated in Prochnow "Voigtländer-Report 1 Kleinbildsucherkameras", in fine condition with Color-Skopar 2.8/50mm no.4354209, intern hand-engraved 'KB 53'

Year: 1957

Starting Price:EUR 12.000

Certo Damen-Kamera

Extremely rare ladies handbag camera for plates 6x9cm, lyre-shaped body covered in brown alligator skin, nickel trim, original green bellows, in very good original condition, chain - the unique designed camera was also sold by Lancaster as 'Gem Camera' and by Hesekiel as 'Pompadour' - only about six of these cameras are known to exist

Jahr: ca. 1906

Startpreis: EUR 6.000

Lancaster 男式表型相机

Extremely rare detective camera designed like a pocket watch with self-erecting spring loaded telescoping tubes, men's model for 1 1/2x2" plates, in original condition

Year: c. 1890

Starting price: EUR 18,000